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Dinner for Two Your Dog and You

Dinner for Two Your Dog and You

Cooking for your dog is simple and easy. Since you have to cook for yourself, why not cook for your dog at the same time.

Roasted chicken, potatoes, broccoli for both an chicken livers, and gizards for your dog.

This is simple, easy and extremely inexpensive.

Chicken quarters can be bought for any where from $0.7 to $0.67 per lb when bought in 10 lb bags. Chicken livers are typically $1.00 per lb and chicken gizzards range between $1.50 to $1.75 per lb.

Simply roast 1 or 2 chicken quarters (each will weigh about 1 lb), cut potatoes into wedgesand roast with the chicken until golden brown. Add the broccoli for the last 15-20 minutes of cooking. Remove the chicken meat from the bones and mix with some potatoes, broccoli, raw liver, and raw gizzards. Your dog will love this mixture. Crumble Moringa Bites as follows and toss in the bowl:


Weight Treats/gr. Treats / gr.
Dog Cat
5-11 lbs 1 1 (.75gr.)
12-22 lbs 2 (1.5gr.) 2 (1.5gr.)
23-45 lbs  3-4 (2.25gr.-3gr.)
50-115 lbs 6-8 (4.5gr.-6gr.)


You can eat just the other chicken quarter and the potatoes and broccoli. If you have a taste for the liver and gizzards, you can saute them and eat them as well. If you want to mix things up you can substitute salmon one night and pork for another night. Bon Appetit!